Pu-erh Tea - Diet Slimming Tea for Weight Loss
pu-erh tea
pu-erh tea

Pu-erh Tea


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  • Fat burning
  • Increases metabolism
  • One of our top 10 products
  • 3 for 2 offer available
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Keto diet friendly
  • No repeat charges or subscriptions
  • Next working day delivery available

Of our weight loss teas, Pu-erh continues to hold top spot as a bestseller in the range. This fat burning slimming tea is known to boost metabolism and help lower cholesterol. It has an unquestionable reputation for aiding weight loss, improving skin and helping women and men beat the bloat.

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Pu-erh Tea


Pu-erh tea is the go-to tea should you wish to drop a few pounds or need help maintaining your current figure.


Pu-erh tea is a notorious fat blasting weight loss product. Its best known for its ability to help breakdown and digest fatty foods, increase metabolism and shrink cholesterol levels. We recommend you drink pu erh tea three times a day after meals. The results really do speak for themselves!


For maintenance, many find that drinking just one cup every day is sufficient. Pu erh has been sold on our site for many years and is one of our most popular products.


How to make Pu-erh Tea

Our tea is manufactured to the highest standard and, when infused with boiling water, gives an earthy and full flavour. It’s perfect for drinking on its own or if you prefer, add a slice of lemon or ginger.

Simplu place one teabag in a cup of boiling water and steep for 3-6 minutes.

Offers available on Pu-erh tea and across the full range of Slimming teas.

1 pouch contains 20 teabags.
Pu-erh Tea 3 for 2
Save £10.00 when you buy 3 Pu-erh tea for the price of 2.
When you take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer, it’s the equivalent of paying £6.66 per pouch.
Price: £20.00


Ingredients: Selected aged Pu-erh Tea.


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  1. Nelly

    Great tea

    Great tea. Been having this for months now. One of best teas out there.

  2. Nelly

    This classic Chinese tea has a really great taste.

    This classic Chinese tea has a really great taste.

  3. Micha


    I seem to feel much lighter with this tea. It has a decent taste and I recommend it.

  4. lola


    fast delivery, fab packaging, lovely tea, i will recommend to my friends..

  5. Irfzl

    Magic for weightloss

    I can say that I have drank this tea every day twice or thrice a day when I can with priority after every meal.
    I have lose so far 6 pounds and I am hoping to continue this tea along side healthy eating and excercise.This tea might become the cause of my weightloss after struggling for years with my weight .
    Please drink it every day and see the results and surprisingly the scales will show the loss.
    I will buy more once my tea finishes.
    The price is great I bought 6 bags for £30 value for money and it’s natural .Please don’t leave the tea too late in the evening as you might struggle to sleep.
    You can make two cups with one bag and follow the instructions.
    I’m very happy

  6. Jonathan

    Amazing product

    Fantastic product I’ve added it to my morning and its really made me make it to lunch time not feeling hungry!

  7. Dennis Thompson

    perfect tea for me

    Pu-erh Tea is the best! Effective…

  8. Cameron Shutte


    The pu-erh tea has a light flavor which makes using it an easy drinking tea. Works seamlessly for anyone that has irritable bowel syndrome. Great results!

  9. Bill Sykes

    Works great

    The PuErh Tea works great for suppressing appetite. No side effects have occurred over the 1 month I have been using this tea.

  10. Kelly

    Weight Loss Help

    Added the Pu-Erh Tea to my weight loss regiment recently. This has increased my metabolism a great deal over the last 2 weeks.

  11. River Stanton


    Incredible stuff down 4 pounds in week. Item arrived well packaged. No bitter taste like other weight loss teas. One of the better slimming teas I have tried thus far.

  12. Dollie Milligan

    Five Star Tea Choice

    The Puerh tea is mild and soothing. I cannot see why anyone would not like this tea. I suggest giving it a try to see the great qualities it has. Happy customer 🙂

  13. Mark and Kelly Cameron

    Healthy Tea

    Love it, nothing better on the market for the benefits and results it gives.

  14. Helen Jenkins

    Recommend This Tea

    Light flavor, so easy to drink. I have irritable bowel and this has actually decreased my symptoms. I have no more bloating as long as I am staying on a regular routine with the Slimming Solutions Pu-erh tea. Customer for life.

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