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Slimbomb For Men


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  • 100% natural and safe ingredients
  • Burns body fat
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Increases focus and mental alertness
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Keto diet friendly
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • 3 for 2 offer available
  • Next working day delivery available
  • Fantastic multibuy offers available

Our new Slim Bomb Impact is a product suitable for mens weight loss. This slimming pill for men contains a highly concentrated blend of weight control ingredients. 100% natural diet pill. Contains NO potentially harmful ingredients and does not contain DNP. Suitable for both men and women.

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Slimbomb is the best Men’s Weight Loss Pill

New and advanced formula for May 2020!

Introducing Slimbomb RED – our new and advanced Slimbomb formula which is better than ever and a powerful edition to our Slimbomb range.

Containing 100% natural ingredients, the Slim Bomb Red fat burner will help you achieve thermogenic fat loss, enhanced metabolism and a boost in energy levels.

Slimbomb Directions for use:

Take 3 capsules daily. One capsule half an hour before breakfast, one capsule half an hour before lunch and one capsule half an hour before dinner. Do not take after 6pm.

Slimbomb Ingredients:

Green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Konjac powder, African mango, capsicum, bladder work extract, chromium picolinate. Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate in a gelatine capsule.

Warning: This product contains caffeine; therefore we advise you do not take close to bedtime as it may affect your sleep.

1 bottle contains 90 capsules for a 30 day supply.

This product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Undecided? Check out our customer reviews. Although results can vary, the average reported weight loss is around 12lbs (4.5 kg) per month. We include a free diet and exercise plan with every order and offer speedy dispatch. Order your Slim Bomb online with Slimming Solutions today!
Please check out the “Additional Information” tab for FAQ’s.
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Slim Bomb FAQ 

Do customers get good results by using Slim Bomb?

Yes, check out our feedback, we have weight loss results of between 1 and 9lbs per week, although individual results will vary. We also send a free diet and exercise programme with every order.

What’s in Slim Bomb?

Green Coffee Bean (50% chlorogenic acid) (40:1) 25mg providing 1000mg, Caffeine 84mg, Acetyl-L-Carnitine 50mg, L-Tyrosine 50mg, Konjac Fibre 100mg, Raspberry Fruit 50mg, Capsicum (8:1) 12.5mg providing 100mg, Bladderwreck Extract (5:1) 10mg providing 50mg, Chromium Picolinate (12.5% Chromium) 0.54mg providing 67.5mcg, microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatine capsule.

Slim Bomb is also gluten free, soy free and lactose free.
 dietary information

A minority of VERY sensitive people may experience nausea. If this happens, reduce the dosage or discontinue use. If you are sensitive then begin with a low dosage. If you have any questions about the suitability of taking this product, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or herbalist before use. Not intended for pregnant or nursing women, adolescents or individuals on restricted diets. We suggest seeking medical advice prior to taking this product if you are taking any prescription drug or other medication.

How do I take Slim Bomb?

Take 3 capsules daily. One capsule half an hour before breakfast, one capsule half an hour before lunch and one capsule half an hour before dinner. Do not take after 6pm.

Can women take Slim Bomb too?

Yes the Slim Bomb is suitable for both men and women.

What if my sleep is disturbed?

A minority of people may experience disturbed sleep even though they are taking the product at the recommended times. To prevent this, either take the capsules earlier in the day or cut the third dosage out completely.

Warning: This product contains caffeine; therefore we advise you do not take close to bedtime as it may affect your sleep.

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  1. Adam Tallen

    slim bomb for men

    See results already. Slimming Solutions makes it easy to order online and have shipped next day.*

  2. Beverly

    slim bomb

    Am amazing product. It gave me increased energy and helped to cut my appetite and cravings. My body has defiantely become more lean since sticking to the Slim Bomb product.*

  3. Duncan Young

    slim bomb for men

    Works well subsides my hunger. You must be eating a sensible diet and doing some exercise to see incredible results. Totally worth it.*

  4. Tanika W.

    slim bomb

    Great supplement with results immediately!*

  5. Karen D.

    slim bomb

    Am amazing weight loss product. Slim Bomb increased my energy and helped suppress my appetite. The product is easy to take and leave no bad feeling on an empty stomach. With a regular exercise and diet, you will see results. Can see the fat turning to muscle. Love it!*

  6. Melissa Beck

    slim bomb

    I highly recommend this Slimming Solutions product. The companies honesty and integrity goes a long way with how they handle customer services and product research.*

  7. Angela

    slim bomb

    I was skeptical when I first heard about the slim bomb product. There are so many products on the market today which only a fraction of them actually work. In only 2 weeks of using the slim bomb I can notice a difference in the way my clothes are fitting. Fast shipping as well. *

  8. Beth Caines

    slim bomb

    Working very well. Love how the slim bob product curbs my hunger all day long. This is a must try.*

  9. Keith T.

    slimbomb for men

    I can totally see why this is their best selling item at Slimming Solutions. I have been taking the supplement daily now and my weight is down over 30 days. Great easy to digest and no after taste from the product. Encourage all the boys at the gym to check this out.*

  10. EricRichards

    slim bomb

    I started taking my gym and diet routine seriously a few months ago and realized I needed something to help me realize my fitness goals. I’ve always had a bit of stubborn belly fat that has traditionally refused to go away no matter what I did, but after making some switches in my diet and taking Slim Bomb I am actually now losing it and am starting to see my six pack! I take it once a day to make it last and have noticed a subtle but palpable increase in my energy and mood, as well as the beginning of an aversion to sweets (always my weakness). I am happy with the results so far and would definitely recommend it. *

  11. Gordon (verified owner)

    Product Review

    me n the wife shared a bottle. Make you feel great. Only been on them 2 weeks but lost half a stone. have been riding my bike to work as well. will update next week

  12. H H (verified owner)

    Product Review

    Please could you offer me some advice I have been using your slim bomb tablets for a while now and have lost 4 stone in total I am on my last 2 stone and seem to have hit a bit of a wall is there any advice you could give me in regards a different product I should try to boost me on again?

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